How To Know When You Need Emergency Dental Services

When you chip or damage your tooth, the dentist is the first person you think of. However, the length of time it takes to actually call a dentist and book an appointment can vary to person to person. But what if it starts to swell or you start to feel pain in your jaw? As it can be hard to know when you require emergency dental services, here are a few factors to consider.

To call or not to call?

If you’ve suffered from a damaged tooth and are wondering if you should call a dental clinic or not, start by asking yourself a few simple questions.

  • How much pain am I in from a scale of one to ten?” If the answer is a high number, then it is an obvious indication that you need emergency dental care. Any bleeding from the mouth and/or gums is also a high indication that emergency dental care is required.
  • “Does it look infected or show any signs of infection?” Take a look in a nearby mirror and see if you can notice any signs of swelling or ‘lumps’ around the tooth or the gum line. If the answer is yes, then this can indicate an infection or an abscess, which needs to be treated straight away.
  • Is my tooth loose?” Adult teeth should never be loose. If you notice your tooth is becoming loose or has fallen out altogether, then you will need emergency dental services before further complications arise.

More information can be found on our Emergency Treatment page.

Do I call a hospital or a dentist?

If your gums or teeth are bleeding, then it depends on the severity of the bleeding. If they are badly bleeding or the bleeding won’t stop, then contacting your local hospital emergency department is advised. Emergencies such as your tooth being cracked or chipped, have bitten your lip or an object has become stuck or wedged between your teeth, means an emergency dental clinic is recommended.

Preventative measures

Here are just a few simple preventative measures you can implement into your daily routine to drastically lower the risk of a dental emergency happening to you:

  • Wear a mouthguard:Of course not all the time, but wearing a mouthguard when playing any variation of contact sports will drastically lower the chance of damage to your mouth. A mouthguard provides protection to your tongue, lips, cheek, and of course, your teeth.
  • Be conscious of what you are chewing: Chewing on things such as hard candy, chunks of ice from your drink and biting down on popcorn kernels can easily result in a cracked tooth.
  • Have regular check-ups:Having a regular dental check-up once every six months is the best way to ensure your teeth and gums are being efficiently looked after.

If you require emergency dental services in Blackburn, then contact us straight away on (03) 9878 9227 and book an appointment with Toothpals Dental Care today.


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