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    Dental pain

    Dental pain can be debilitating, keeping you up at night and distracting you during the day.

    Pain in the jaw and mouth are usually dentally related and a visit to your dentist, not your medical GP is usually required to address the problem.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

    Facial swelling is serious!

    Swelling from a tooth can be life threatening. You need to see a dentist asap to treat the infection.

    Without treatment, swelling can constrict your airways and affect opening of your eye.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

    Accidents happen

    Contact sport, opening lids with your teeth, knocking bottles into your teeth...we've seen it all when it comes to dental injuries.

    As well as cutting your teeth and lips, chipped teeth can be quite sensitive to drinks and air.

    See us promptly to restore your teeth and smile again.

Accident, emergency and dental pain

Nobody needs to live with pain and discomfort and when you have a dental emergency we are here to help you as fast as we can.

If you can’t have another sleepless night, BOOK NOW, or call us on (03) 9878 9227

What if…

I have a broken tooth?

Keep the area as clean as possible. If you have any fragments, keep them and bring to the dentist. See us for an appointment to discuss options and fix your broken tooth. If the tooth is very sharp and cutting your cheek or tongue, we can fix this very quickly.

My tooth is giving me a lot of pain?

Pain in teeth is not normal and usually a sign that you need to see a dentist. If you can, please take anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen and call us so we can alleviate your pain. Possible treatments may include restoration of the tooth, root canal treatment or extraction.

I have swelling in my gums and face?

This is certainly a real emergency! Swelling that spreads to your face can potentially be life threatening. Please call us immediately or if you cannot get to us, please visit you local hospital emergency department straight away.

My tooth has been knocked out?

Find your tooth and if it is dirty, gently rinse with some milk for a few seconds. The best place for you to keep your tooth while on your way to visit us is in your mouth. If this is not feasible, place it in a container covered with your saliva. Call and visit us as soon as possible (within the hour if possible). The sooner we see you, the greater the chance that we can save your tooth.

My tooth has been knocked and displaced?

Call us immediately so we can try to reposition your tooth.


If you have any doubt that you have a dental emergency, please call us. We are in the best position to advise you of what to do next, whether an appointment is required or whether pain relief or other remedy will suffice.