• Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

    Ease and comfort

    There are a number of people who get very anxious about a visit to the dentist.

    We offer the option of having your treatment performed while you are asleep but there are also other ways we can help ease your anxiety with a visit to the dentist.

    Call us for further details on how we can help you.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

    Your care is our priority

    Treatment under general anaesthetic is perform in a safe and clean environment.

    Along with your dentist and dental assistant, an anaesthetist, their assistant and theatre nurse are all present to look after you.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

    What happens on the day?

    You are typically required to fast for a few hours prior to your procedure. You will be given a time for your appointment and will be required about an hour prior for admission. Most procedures will take between 30mins and 1 1/2 hrs. Following this, you will be taken care of in recovery until you are ready to go home. It's important that you have somebody to drive you home after your procedure.

There are some circumstances when dental treatment cannot be performed in the dental chair. Sometimes this is due to:

  • patient’s age
  • a disability
  • anxiety
  • a large volume of treatment needing to be completed
  • procedural difficulty

We are able to perform most dental procedures under general anaesthetic. In the above cases, we are able to ease the stress on the patient and their family and perform the treatment while they are asleep. We treat our patients under general anaesthetic at a nearby day surgery centre. Generally, once the procedure has been completed, you will be able to go home within a few hours.

Sometimes we have patients requesting treatment while they are asleep and at other times, we will recommend this as an appropriate option.

If you feel that you may need to have any dental treatment performed while are you asleep, book in for a consultation with one of our dentists and they will be able to discuss the process with you.